Washington, DC

DSCN1497, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Tons of readers wrote in on Friday about the possible Post Office closings in DC (photo above of Le Droit Park). We spoke of the Petworth post office back in March. The news of the potential closings were first reported in the Post’s Federal Eye blog. They wrote:

“The Postal Service has marked 677 post offices nationwide for possible closure or consolidation, according to a document given today to a House subcommittee holding a hearing on the future of American mail delivery. Among them are 10 post offices in the District and three in the Maryland suburbs of Hyattsville, Rockville and Silver Spring.”

Well, I for one think this is horrible. I use the post office from time to time to mail out t-shirts so it’s really convenient for me to have one in my neighborhood. But then again, I don’t really use the post office that frequently. So what do you guys think – should most neighborhoods in DC have their own post offices? Or have post offices really become a thing of the past?


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