Washington, DC


Sadly, the city has not yet responded to my queries about this incident. Perhaps it is because it is an ongoing investigation. I’ll be sure to update when they do respond. I received the following email late this morning from a reader:

“I can confirm that there was some sort of incident at Meridian Hill Park early Sunday morning. My friend, who was last seen by other friends at 12:30am Sunday morning getting into a cab in Dupont to go home, was found in very bad shape (head and neck trauma, blood loss) at MHP at 4:30am. I’m hesitant to reveal any more details because (a) at this point everything I know is second hand — a mutual friend of ours told me all of this, and (b) there is a police investigation right now and I don’t want to compromise it.”

UPDATE Please see an update here. No crime according to MPD.


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