Washington, DC


“Dear PoP,

My husband noticed that there was a crew doing work inside the Ellwood Thompsons space at DCUSA this morning. Do you have any inside info? Is the project back on for them?”

I’ve been getting lots of emails about this. Consider the following strictly scuttlebutt. So, the official line is that nothing has changed. The unofficial line is that there is definitely progress. I’m sorry I can’t give details and this certainly isn’t a done deal but know that negotiations are definitely moving forward. I’ll be sure to update with an official word as soon as that becomes possible.


And how the heck did I not hear about this new bar on H Street, NE until now!?!? 1104 H Street, NE is home to H Street’s newest bar. There is no sign out front but you can’t miss it. It is very close to Taylor’s Deli. I’m told it has a sweet patio and is owned by the same folks behind the nearby Jimmy Valentine’s. It is called Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar. Anyone check it out yet?


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