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Dear PoP – Support Your Local Hardware Stores


“Dear PoP

You’ve posted on local hardware stores in general and Pfeiffer’s Hardware in Mt Pleasant in particular. So I thought you might be interested in this below (from the Mt Pleasant Forum).

I shop there all the time – a world apart from the hell that is Home Depot. I hope others will show their support and spend their money at Pfeiffers (and other local businesses).

Dear Mt. Pleasant Friends and Neighbors,

Times are tight for all of us, and I wanted to let you know how Pfeiffer’s is coping.

First, we are doing everything we can to give you good reason to buy from us. We have been doing that since we opened, but we have redoubled our efforts of late. Our new manager, William Hester, has been a phenomenal help and has so much more experience managing people and stuff than I ever had. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself at your leisure.

Our new assistant manager, Kyla Dickson, who was promoted from clerk, has also been tremendously helpful with her instinctive ability to get things done and to manage inventory. And then there are the usual suspects: John, Josh, Richard, Roberto, Rodney and Wing. All are there to help you find what you need, or to give you their opinion on the health care debate. Our previous manager Megan Crowley, left at the end of June to pursue her dream of opening her antique tavern in West Virginia.

I am also writing to ask for your continued support. The economy is hurting most of us, I’m sure, but the fact is, without an increase in sales, our store may become yet another empty storefront on Mt. Pleasant Street. No one wants that. So, if you need a widget or a doohickey, please remember us and the value of convenience and connection and helpfulness and friendliness that we bring to your shopping at our store.

Many other businesses on Mt. Pleasant Street are struggling. If you don’t want to see them close their doors, please remember to shop locally when you can.

Thank you for your support in the past and whatever support you can afford in the future.

I will be at the store this Sunday through Wednesday and will be available for conversation at Marx Cafe in the evenings from at least 4-6pm Sunday through Tuesday. If any of you would like to chat about the store, our current situation, suggestions, possible contractors to woo, or just to chat about all things Mount Pleasant or the Pfeiffer clan, please stop by. If you would rather meet one on one, please email me at [email address removed – log in to view].

In my next posting, I will give you an update on the possible sale of the store, some new policies, our new items, and the restructuring of our rental department.

Hugs and Hardware,

Old Man Pfeiffer”

Tina visited this great hardware store back in June of 2008. And last March I wondered if local hardware stores are doomed? It saddens me to hear about Pfeiffer’s tough times. They truly are a gem in Mt. Pleasant.

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