Dear PoP – Should the Intersection of 11th and Park Become a 4 Way Stop Sign

by Prince Of Petworth August 27, 2009 at 11:00 am 27 Comments


“Dear PoP,

The 11th St Corridor has had more foot traffic in recent times, thanks to some great new businesses. I’m specifically concerned about the 11th and Park Rd intersection, which is the location of Red Rocks, the new dog park, Columbia Heights Coffee, and the upcoming Meridian Pint. Given that I (along with many others) travel to these establishments on foot, I think this intersection would be more pedestrian-friendly if it was a 4-way stop instead of a traffic light. I would feel safer crossing the street if cars were forced to yield to pedestrians (and our 4-legged companions), rather than speeding through green or yellow lights. This will become even more relevant as foot traffic increases with future business openings. I’m wondering if (1) others agree, and (2) if so, how do we raise this issue with the DC Council?”

To be honest, I think it’s probably safer as stop light. People often run/glide past stop signs. Park is a busy enough street that a stop light seems necessary. What do you guys think?

Incidentally I’ve been asked to post this survey about Columbia Heights businesses. We’ve discussed this issue often but if you’d like there is a survey on the topic:

“Do you live, work or shop in Columbia Heights? Are you interested in improving business services to you? Then please complete this 5-minute survey. Click here to go to the survey!
The Development Corporation of Columbia Heights wants to learn what additional businesses and services you desire in the neighborhood and what you think about existing businesses in the neighborhood.”


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