New Mosaic Mural Going Up on Irving St, Between 13th and 11th, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — July 26, 2009 at 11:02 pm 11 Comments


This is very cool. It is a group from the Latin American Youth Center. The lead teacher, Arturo Ho, told me that the theme of the mural is everyday people. There are 12 students in the class but you’re more than welcome to help if you see them working on the project. The mural should be completed the second week of August. More photos after the jump.




  • New2CH

    It looks awesome. I fear the almost inevitable graffiti — if it happens, and they are caught, fine ’em the replacement cost of the entire mural (or equivalent hours of labor).

  • local

    I walk by this mural every day and love what they are doing. I would love to help. Any Idea of the working schedule… Weekdays? Weekends? Only while I am at work?

  • Arturo

    We are there on weekdays M,Tu, Thurs and Friday from 1:45 until 5:00 pm and wednesdays from 3:15 until 5:00 and sundays from 10:00 am until- 3:30. Please join in this community mosaic project.

  • Neener

    I like it that it’s not representational and uses mixed media. I don’t like the murals that are all faces- this one looks great.

  • JoeOn11th

    If you plan on taking a look or helping out, please note the correct location is on Irving between 11th and 13th by Tubman Elementary.

  • victoriam

    Wow – why does the very first comment have to be negative! New2CH, do you look at puppies and fear the almost inevitiable rabies?

  • WDC

    I love the mirror-mosaic style. There’s an artist in Philly who has hit dozens of parts of the city, guerilla-style, with this type of mural. Every time I happened on a little corner that had been mosaic’d, I had to smile. Now I’ll think of that when I see this one!

  • New2CH

    I am generally positive in my commentary, for the most part — and I am VERY positive about this mural — looks absolutely gorgeous, so far. But the graffiti problem around this school and indeed up and down 11th has been atrocious for years, and little is done to fight it. All I am saying is, if folks are investing sweat and creativity and money into a wonderful project like this, we have to band together to do everything possible to protect it from the a**holes who will inevitably try to ruin it with graffiti.

  • DCDireWolf

    In spite of those who fear the worst, this is a fantastic project. The organizers and young artists deserve nothing but respect, encouragement and praise. Ignore the fear mongering.

  • New2CH

    DCDire, I am NOT disrespecting the artists and organizers: the opposite is true, this is a wonderful project, I applaud them wholeheartedly, all I want is to make sure we as a community are vigilant to PROTECT the wonderful work they are pouring their heart and sweat into from those who DO disrespect the neighborhood. I’ve seen too many great newly painted / designed public spaces desecrated, and this one deserves special care and attention.

  • hat

    I live right across the street from the Harriet Tubman playground and have been taking some pictures when I leave the house in the morning. They’re posted on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/salsus/sets/72157621676714873/


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