Molly the Dog Stolen Outside P Street Whole Foods – Returned Safely by MPD!

The case of Molly’s dognapping sparked a huge debate on DCist. It was pretty much a debate over whether or not it is ok to leave your dog outside when you go into store. How ever you feel about the issue, it’s great news the dog has been returned!

Here is some background:

“She has been seen twice at Petco in Cleveland Park with Molly – once on Monday night and again tonight. We are positive that it is Molly because the store manager and a customer (and Vizsla owner) described the dog as having a shaved patch on one of her forelegs. Molly has this patch from an IV for dental surgery last week. When the woman took her into Petco on Monday night, she still had her pink cupcake collar with tags. When she was in the store tonight, she was wearing a black harness with no collar. The woman told a customer tonight that someone gave her the dog. This description matches that of the one eyewitness who saw a person “messing” with Molly the night she was taken.”

And here’s the word from the owners:

“We wanted to let everyone know the wonderful news that our beloved Molly dog was recovered late tonight by the Metropolitan Police Department. She is back home and seems to be in good health, although tired. I plan to take her to the vet tomorrow.

The MPD District 3 investigator, who did an excellent job, couldn’t give me all of the details because of the way criminal investigations work. However, he did say that the woman who had her appeared to have mental health issues. I am hopeful that some court-ordered mental health treatment for the woman will result from this so that she does not take other dogs in the future, or spiral into more destructive behavior.

In any event, we want to offer our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us and provided tips and leads. Without those leads, it’s unlikely the police would have had enough information to justify spending time investigating. I should also say that before the MPD investigator was assigned to the case, a D3 officer was very helpful in working with us. We will write letters commending both of them to their supervising officers. “

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