Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

We want to take our two-year-old to her first fireworks show. Because it’s after her bedtime, and because she might freak out, we’d like to stay in the hood. Where around here can we see the fireworks, and still have a quick escape route for the tyke?”

Well assuming you’re talking about Petworth, you can pretty much go to any corner from New Hampshire and Georgia up to Kennedy Street and everywhere in between. But there’s also great street shows all over Columbia Heights and H Street, NE as well. Personally I love watching the mall fireworks at Cardozo High School, at 13th Street and Clifton, mixed with the nearby street shows. But for the folks who have little children do you have any recommendations? And I guess just in general, where are your favorite spots to watch the mall and/or neighborhood fireworks shows?


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