Washington, DC

quinn puppy close up

“This is our little mutt puppy, Quinn. We think she is parts dachshund, beagle and terrier.”

Oh wow, maybe I should make puppies a separate category?

Ike with Fork

“Meet Ike. Ike has thumbs. Actually Ike has six toes (and claws) per paw. He’s fierce and cuddly. He was adopted from the ASPCA in New York City. Ike had been rescued from a magazine store basement, then adopted, then returned, then adopted again – by me.

Ike lives in Columbia Heights on Irving Street. He likes to play with his cat nip Arnold Schwarzenegger doll and grip things with his thumbs, like forks, iPods, Blackberries and wine glasses.

Ike should win. He’s definitely the coolest pet in all of Washington, DC. Two cat thumbs up.”


“Rusty Russell (Part Yorkie – Part Chihuahua – ALL love)”


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