Washington, DC

Massive Thunderstom Coming to DC, originally uploaded by Wayan Vota.

The summer thunderstorms have arrived with a vengeance! Check out yesterday afternoon’s massive clouds rolling across the hood, moments before it unleashed its torrents.

While I love this visceral display of Nature’s power, I’m not always enjoying the results. The rain is great, but too much, too fast, like yesterday mornings deluge, has flattened my garden. My toppled cucumbers and tomatoes are minor compared to the impact on others – I saw branches down, and I am sure we lost a tree.

Still, I hope we can all see the beautiful life through the rain. Personally, I love summer thunderstorms, a reminder of the energy still beyond man’s grasp and a natural air conditioner that cools the whole city in one burst.

Anyone else have any trouble due to the storm?


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