Washington, DC

DC Metro Train, originally uploaded by Isaac Gallery.

WJLA reports:

“D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Alan Etter said one train was on top of the other train.

This is “developing into a mass casualty event,” Etter said. “We’re expecting a number of injuries. We’re not aware of any fatalities at this point.”

Hearing that it is a mass casualty event is very scary news. I hope to report more as info becomes available.

UPDATE: From AlertDC

“Metro reports that 2 train collided and one train is on top of the other train. Metro reports massive injuries at this time. The green line and the red line are affected. Further information to follow.”

UPDATE2: @http://twitter.com/cnnbrk confirms one fatality.

UPDATE3: Photo of crash can be seen here: http://twitpic.com/84vsw

UPDATE4: NBC Washington Reports:

“Passengers are currently still trapped in the trains; emergency workers are using tools to cut them from the wreckage.”

UPDATE5: Here is a very scary photo of the incident.

UPDATE6: NBC Washington has video here.

UPDATE7: Mayor Fenty says 4 fatalities, worst disaster in metro history.

UPDATE8: If you are looking for info on family members please call 202-727-9099.


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