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Ready For Some Huge Monday Morning News? Taylor’s Deli Opening Second Location at City Vista in Mt. Vernon Triangle

by Prince Of Petworth June 28, 2009 at 11:17 pm 27 Comments


I am happy to report that I have confirmed that the hugely successful (and delicious) Taylor’s Deli is opening up a second location in Mt. Vernon Triangle at City Vista (5th and L, NW). Taylor’s of course is the Philly style sandwich shop that opened up in Nov. at 1116 H St. NE. Well mad props to the folks at City Vista because now they can add to their hugely successful list of retail spots which already includes the “Sexy Safeway”, 5th Street Hardware, Busboys & Poets, and who knows what else is in the works.



The new Taylor’s hopes to open around October. Great score for Mt. Vernon Triangle.

  • moving in

    Sweet, another reason to be excited about my upcoming move to the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood just north of there! Now if only we could hear some news of progress at Northwest One on the other side of New Jersey Ave…

  • The AMT

    This is pretty great news – more dining in that area is always a plus, especially since Taylor has a late night menu, as well as their normal deli fare.

  • Great news — I love Taylor Gourmet and am so glad they’ll be just a short walk away now.

    I admit, however, that for some time now I’d hoped their second location would open in Shaw on 9th Street (perhaps next to the new location of Long View Gallery at 1234 9th…).

  • CVResident

    And the neighborhood just keeps getting better! Though I am anxious to see how Taylor’s compares to the Italian store.

  • Odentex

    I’m curious how that neighborhood is going to turn out with all of those high rises along Mass Ave standing empty. It’s really sort of sad. Didn’t somebody say a couple of these buildings are involved in litigation when PoP posted pictures a few weeks back? I’m thinking primarily of those ones around Mass and 4th that seem to be completely empty (both commercial and residential).

  • mmm

    Yay! What great news… I’m excited about what this means for foot traffic in the neighborhood (and for sandwich traffic to my stomach).

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I work a few blocks from there, and I’ve been dying to try Taylor’s. I will definitely be frequenting this fine establishment.

  • Taylor is awesome. I’m glad there will be one closer to me, but I do like the H Street area better than Mt V.

  • is it Taylor or Taylor’s. for some reason I’m annoyed when people call it Taylor’s, because it doesn’t have the same hip vibe … anyway, relatively pointless comment…

  • matt

    Nice. Now all the we need is a decent neighborhood bar in MT Vernon Sq.

  • New2CH

    Oh man, why can’t they come to Columbia Heights? They would KILL around there. Tons of vacancies right now, too.

  • Good job PoP. I sat down with the Edens & Avant leasing agent back in March. He told me Taylor was lined up but did not want any announcements until it was a done deal. Unfortunately as the time passed I wasn’t in the loop enough to find out exactly when it was executed.

    I’m more excited about this than Buddha Bar and Kushi. Asian food isn’t really my thing and on most evenings I prefer to dine for

  • FWIW, I believe Taylor will go on K Street into a portion of Bay 70 and all of Bay 80.

  • Anonymous

    Odentex, they can’t stay empty forever. Eventually rents / condo prices will come down to meet the market, and they will fill up.

  • Seems in my previous comment I left a broken URL to my February posting. Try the link below one instead for what I’ve just wrote today.

    Taylor Gourmet Deli coming to City Vista

  • Anonymous

    For the record, it’s Taylor, not Taylor’s.

  • Yo!

    Wish this was going in on 9th street. man, that strip really needs some scuttlebutt (although Azi’s, Vegetate, and Courdoroy are all sweet).

  • Anonymous

    Right, it’s Taylor. Named after the street near their other location.

  • CP

    Looks like that’s the last time I have to schlep all the way down to H Street NE. Bonus points for that.

  • eric in ledroit

    this neighborhood is a bit sketchy.

  • 9thandbuchanan

    I hope they finally buy some mayo…

  • Solong

    @sketchy comment- if you haven’t been in the neighborhood lately, you should check it out. I’ve lived in the area on and off for 5 years, and the difference is night and day. While I certainly wouldn’t venture too far off the CityVista complex lot late at night, during the day the area seems 10X safer than Columbia Heights or Petworth Metro Areas. The 5th street corridor there is sure to boom in the nexty few years, and once the condos are settled, this area will be amazing. Look for the parking lot across on 5th and k to be converted once CityVista hits its stride.

  • Dave

    The vacant buildings on 4th and Mass are called the DuMont. Several of the units were reserved and deposits taken, but the builder defaulted on the loan and the bank foreclosed. Now the bank is selling both buildings apparently as a package for $170 Million. So, it’s not quite as bad as it seems, because at some point and some price someone will buy them and either rent them out or sell them as condos.

  • ibc

    Will they be answering the phone at the new location? Or will it just ring and ring and ring when you’re trying to place an order, like at the H Street location?

    Recently I feel like I’ve dialed the DMV by mistake when I call to order my 12″ Vine Street

  • Odentex

    Dave: Rentals rather than condos, more like. I just wouldn’t bet on that area yet. You go from Safeway to shelter in one block. Just not the same as an established residential neighborhood like PW.

  • SG

    I actually disagree with Odentex (which is rare). Mt Vernon Triangle is basically an extension of downtown. Even if the lots around it aren’t developed in a timely manner, the area has a critical mass of residents, and crime is a shadow of what it was. We’re not talking gunshots like in Columbia Heights or Petworth. Sure, if you go a number of blocks north into Shaw, you’ll find violence, projects, and gunshots, but not in Mt Vernon Triangle… I do not live there nor do I want to necessarily, but if I were a betting man, I’d bet big on that neighborhood due to its immediate proximity to some very desirable downtown neighborhoods, as well as main interstates and thoroughfares. It’s easy to work in VA from there with 395 nearby. Remember the three rules of real estate- location, location, location.

    And Dave is right that the Dumont will be filled very quickly if it becomes rental. A RE company will probably purchase the two buildings for ~$140 million and profitably rent the units at a reasonable price. Three years ago those buildings would have gone for over $200 million and many units would still be sitting on the market because the developer would try desperately to recoup their investment. The developer and lender lost big on the Dumont, but it could be good for the neighborhood in the medium term, adding some nice rental balance to what is a condo-heavy neighborhood.

  • reflexive

    # eric in ledroit Says:
    this neighborhood is a bit sketchy.




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