Washington, DC


My Dad likes to call these experiences life’s lessons. And well this is a big one. You see this is what I was talking about when I’ve come to be a bit envious of certain GDoN condos or homes that are totally renovated or brand new. While I love the details of my 1920 home, there is always something to fix. So a couple of years ago I needed a gutter replaced and went with a very cheap option. I saw some guys doing work on another house on the block and asked them if they could fix my gutter. Big mistake. It was super cheap for a reason. The gutter basically failed after a year’s service. Here’s what I learned – when a gutter fails bad enough the water just pours down the back of your house. When the water pours down the back of your house it puddles at the base and gets absorbed into the walls. Long story short, it actually decayed the brick. The freaking brick! Insane.


All that pink stuff at the bottom is brick dust. Then it turns out that termites like moisture. So there was some old termite damage when I first bought the house and nothing active but I got totally freaked out and just got an insane treatment that was not cheap. Now I have to get the gutter fixed and the bricks re-pointed. Basically you wake up one morning and all of a sudden you’re out a lot of dough. All because I thought I was getting a deal on a gutter. Ugh. Thankfully the Budweiser 30 can packs were on sale at Giant…

Anyone else experience long term pain on a short term fix?


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