Washington, DC


Well, the Old Bi-Rite building slated to house Meridian Pint seems to be slowly coming along. Incidentally I noticed the following from the CH Listserv:

“I am a long standing DC restaurant/bar owner, and the Columbia Heights neighborhood is the perfect setting for my second restaurant. I am seeking potential investors to get involved in this unique business opportunity. Please contact me directly at [email protected] for all the details and information.”

I recognized the email address as the same as the owner of the soon to be Meridian Pint. I emailed John Andrade to see if he was looking for investors in Meridian Pint and to see if everything was coming along according to plan. Following is his response:

“I’m happy to say that all is well and I am still on track. I am, however, looking for a few select investors to complete my budgetary needs. As the project has evolved so too has the budget. I, therefore, am reaching out to members of the community who would like to take part in the growth of the budding 11th Street corridor. Interested parties may contact me at [email protected]


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