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Charles was prolific this week!

The newly reformulated, traffic-calming, briefly Third World (repaving has begun) corner of 18th and Columbia/Adams Mill is soon to be graced with one of three large pieces of new sculpture and, possibly, and enhanced kiosk. Sadly, the survey is closed and our opinions mean nothing any more, but you can find more info about designs at:



All modern art has the potential to be silly, but even sillier is the claptrap artists put in their proposals:

“The sculpture’s composition, like the neighborhood, is diverse, creating a local and international feeling while embracing past and present neighborhood cultures.”

“…captures the heart and soul of the people of Adams Morgan by embracing the full diversity and rich history of Adams Morgan residents and architecture.”


“The “Adamor Circle” proposal emanates from one circle, a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. It is separated into many circles or hoops…. This work reflects the diverse and rich community history of Adams Morgan and can be used as a tool and a reminder to the community of the power that people posses to work together in concert as do the divergent elements of the sculpture…”

Guess they used the word “diversity” in the RFP. Call me a lightweight but I think they should just pick out a great piece of sculpture and worry about what it “captures” later on. I saw a sign in a gallery once that said “good art does not match your couch.” It might not “match” your neighborhood, either, but as long as it’s good…

So, which one are you rooting for? I hate to admit it, but I like the boring modern one most, perhaps because I, too have a center which is everywhere and a circumference which is nowhere. But the sunflowers are cool, too. I think the goofy bike will get old quick.

Ed. Note: GGW also took a look at these proposals. As for the sculptures, I hate to admit it but I kinda like the bike one!


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