Washington, DC

DSCN9158, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Hey PoP,

Just a little info that really got me excited…you know the row homes next to the Floridian and 9:30 club, at that crazy intersection of 9th, Florida, and Vermont? Well, if you’ve never noticed them, they have been an eyesore for many years apparently. They are owned by Howard University and were all boarded up and abandoned. This was truly a sad thing since the neighbors all around have really been trying to beautify the area by doing things like planting flowers and trees all along the median on Vermont. Well, a few days ago, I noticed they have FINALLY begun to renovate them! They’ve installed new windows and have changed the old faded red paint to a crisp cream color….with a contrasting trim no less! Looks great. I don’t know what they are doing with the houses yet – maybe admin buildings or even homes – but at least they’ve finally done something to spruce up our neighborhood.”

Very cool!


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