Washington, DC

DSCN7935, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It was briefly mentioned in a comment yesterday that the Apex Gas Station has closed (perhaps permanently?) on the southwest corner of Harvard and Sherman. And of course we learned a couple months ago of the closing of the coffee shop, Coco libre (and before that Nani’s kafe) pictured above. So it got me wondering what type of retail do you think can be sustained at this intersection? I actually think it’s a great intersection as it is really close to all the development going on around 11th Street (not super close, but close enough). A reader was gchatting with me that she thought a Chipotle would be perfect in this spot! Now there is some foot traffic around here but it’s certainly not as dense as around 14th Street. Anyway, what type of retail do you think could work at this location? Do you think once 11th Street builds up a little more that the retail growth will naturally expand one block east?



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