Washington, DC

Top chef finalist creating heart healthy meal, originally uploaded by Sister to Sister.

Ed. Note: If Missy Frederick can confirm this there is a free t-shirt in it for her.

A PoP reader attended a fundraiser this week for a prominent Democrat in Congress. The event was catered by Alchemy Catering…a catering service operated by Carla Hall who was a contestant on “Top Chef”. She’s lived in the DC area for a long time.

The reader was able to chat with her for about 15 minutes and mentioned that he lives in Columbia Heights. Ms. Hall mentioned that she visited the neighborhood a couple days ago looking at an empty space in the Highland Park building. Apparently, Ms. Hall is looking for a new space where she can have a cooking school of sorts, along with a dining room somehow associated with cooking classes. The format seemed uncertain, but the general description made the reader think of the new cooking class/wine tasting space that Zola opened at the corner of 9th and E Streets, NW.


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