• Warder Kid

    HUGE fan of Haydee’s! It is where my roommates and I have “family dinners” at least once a month and is typically the fall back restaurant for out of town guests.

    Why? Well, the food is good- not the best Mexican/Salvadorian ever, but damn good for the east coast (yes, I am a southwest born and bred, so I am a bit of a snob about my Latin food). I’ve never eaten anything I wouldn’t have again.

    There’s the price as well. It is probably the most inexpensive sit down restaurant in the CH/Petworth/MP area and the service is great. Not to mention the booze is really reasonable and they have great happy hour specials on beer and margaritas that go until midnight.

    The bottom line for me is comfort. This is a true family restaurant that doesn’t have the stink of retail chain all over it. Good food, good drinks, great service, great price, and a short walk down Irving…what more could I want?

  • JessinMtP

    I’m a fan! The service is great, it’s cozy, the fajitas are fantastic. Just don’t go near the gross margaritas and you’ll be fine.

  • GW2L

    I am a big fan of Haydees. The “Grilled Fajitas” are excellent and not dripping in fat like the non-grilled kind (also on the menu). The burritos are huge, the margaritas good, and salsa (while not as great as some more traditional “Mexican” places and a bit more “Salvadorian”) is yummy and fresh.

  • I feel like Haydee’s has come up many times in the past on PoP…

    Personally I think it’s far from the best Salvadorean food around town. I think the only reason it stands out is because it’s got a reasonably sized family-style seating with booths and whatnot. But everything I’ve ever had there has been lackluster at best, and the drinks are weak, too.

    There’s something to be said for a cheap, comfortable sit-down place. But it’s just not that good. In fact just about everything else in Mt. Pleasant is better, Don Jaime’s, Ercilia’s, El Rincocito in CoHi to name a few. There are a million other joints I’ve never tried, but except for the atmosphere I don’t get much out of Haydees.

  • Anonymous

    its all about the atmosphere. the food isnt fit for foodies sure, but there is no better place to sit for some generic chicken fajitas and tecate. if you havent been there you have to go just to take it in.

  • Pennywise

    I second Anon 12:24. Also, I would like to take a moment to remember the age of Haydee’s and their “Margarita Gold” which was twice as much cheap tequila at the same price. A joy to the young and alcoholic, it fed many a worship of the porcelain god.

    Also note Haydees is a local chain, and the one up on Georgia I have avoided for a few years now. Several instances of food poisoning, extremely loud music, and finally an aggressive and angry bouncer caused me to give up on them.

    Yes I now the loud music is a latino thing, and I dig it, but I can’t handle it.

  • saf

    I like Haydee’s for basic food.

    You know she has a second place in Brightwood, yes?

    (Also, I still, despite it being so long ago, think of Haydee’s in Mt P as “the place where the Afircan Room used to be.”)

  • welles

    Big thumbs down. I mean, just look at the place, it’s decor is that of a crack den. The last time I entered I stepped over a syringe.

  • Rex North

    I love Haydee’s. Fajitas and steak quesadilla are my favorites. The happy hour is great and definitely a reason to stop by when you feel like dinner and drinks but don’t feel like spending tons of money. They also are great about putting on soccer games. They even once turned off the Redskins and put on a DC United game for us. Won’t get that treatment in too many places in D.C.

  • yandymung

    never been, but eager to try. makes me think of los tios. great texmex/salvadorean. yes, it’s over the river in del ray (alexandria), but the beef fajitas are well worth the trip. owner and wait staff are very friendly, and the “mega” ritas will make you wish you had walked to dinner. don’t forget to ask for extra hot sauce. it’s green and mean and yummy!

  • mar

    Haydees was ok, I ate there when we lived down the street, but I don’t know if I would make a special trip to go there. On the other hand I am biased because there is the yummiest salvadorian place in montgomery county near the airpark…Acajutla…oh man, now that is some Salvadorian food.

  • I have to say I eat there often. The food isn’t anything special, but it is solid. They have great happy hour drink specials (not that I would go there for happy hour, but if you are getting dinner before it is over).

    Plus they still have Christmas decorations up, I love a place that just doesn’t care!

  • Good, cheap, fun. In a world where restaurants can be great one day and $h!tty the next, Haydees is consistently good. Although, I am partial to the thuggish gutbucket fabulosity of Don Juan’s heart-attack inducing burritos. A few more packets of salt if you please, captain.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Haydee’s! Two thumbs way up!

  • Rachel

    Agreed on the margarita line… that’s why I go. And to quench my cheesey goodness cravings…

  • Only been once at a friend’s suggestion, for happy hour, but it’s cheap and the margarita I had was nice and strong. The yucca, not as good, but it can be a hard thing to do right. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here, but if I’m in the area or a friend suggests, I’d go back.

  • WDC

    We ate there once a month when we lived in MtP. We moved to CH, and haven’t been back since. I find that illuminating.

    Saw a mouse once in the upstairs dining room. But I’m not particularly bothered by that sort of thing.

    I’m sorry for the person who had the weak drinks there; I usually found them to be stronger than average.

  • @saf I wonder if anyone sees Haydees and remembers the jazz place that followed the African Room. It didn’t last long, then Haydee’s in moved from up the street.

    Oh and the food – I’d go for the margaritas and the cheese & chile quesadilla.

  • saf

    MP – I remember them now that you mention them, but you’re right, they weren’t there that long. She was up the street before? Wow, how’d I miss that?

  • Caaaarrrdozo

    Great place to go at the end of the night. Also a short cab ride to target in case you don’t know where you live. But if you want some great eats grab a rotating taquito and coffee at 7 eleven.

  • Trubs

    Love it! And there is a mariachi band on Fridays!

  • EchoWhiskey

    The gold margarita (or whatever the non-rail drink is called) is probably the strongest drink I’ve had in DC. Usually takes the better part of 3 hours to work off just one.

  • I’d never even heard of Haydee’s until my Ex’s roomate mentioned his love for it. I never went because the Ex insisted it was disgusting and rat infested. I’m thinking that I should go with my instincts and against the Ex’s (which were clearly off to begin with) and try it out.

  • Richard


  • Pennywise

    Re: the gold margaritas, those used to be the same price as normal margaritas. To sum: once we were asked to leave Haydees for being too rowdy and drunk. Ahh gold margaritas.

  • Neener

    Most of the posters get Haydee’s exactly right: it’s a nice family place with big booths. All the food I’ve gotten there has been slightly above average.

  • chris of colorado corner

    i like it–it’s authentic

  • Redhead

    Great place for a big crowd to order pitchers of margaritas and snack food. Not fancy. But fun.

  • AK

    Two thumbs up. Decent food, cheap drinks, great atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, and that’s exactly how it should be at a neighborhood restaurant and bar.

  • mphs

    Two thumbs arriba, but never go to a Salvadorean restaurant expecting authentic Mexican cuisine. That said, I recommend a few dishes not mentioned: the Salmon fajitas, which are just as good as the steak or chicken fajitas, and the shrimp dishes, one in garlic sauce and one in tomato sauce. The margaritas always get the job done. The staff are great with kids on the weeknights, or early, too.

    I also recommend Pupuseria San Miguel next door for great pupusas and, surprisingly, tacos.

  • EPF

    2 rats ran over my shoes once. Enough said.

  • e
  • socalgal

    Strong drinks, great service, wacky place and food does the job… it won’t cure a “real Mexican food” craving for West Coast folk but it comes close!

    I don’t bother w/Yelp anymore – reviewers are so busy being clever they can’t actually give us informed reviews. Did I really read a guy’s pan based on the neighborhood being too dangerous?! Seriously dude, stick to Taco Bell on yer way back to Fairfax.

  • Anonymous

    We went to Haydees last night for Thursday Jazz night and it was a ton of fun- room to dance and just very convivial. If they had better beer Id go there all the time. The food is so so- get Fajitas and just enjoy the hang out.

    Some people like to trash the decor- they dont get it at all- it’s a serious lack of style not to get the decor at Haydees – it’s exactly what it should be- a classy dive with plenty of little objects to look at. If thats not you then cool- but to go on about how atrocious the place looks is as moot as it is dorky. It’s like expecting George bush not to wink at the queen and use good diction.

    I particularly like the blow up Santa Clause they had at Christmas. I think they should put more blow up dolls- maybe the virgin de guadelupe with lipstick? ok sorry…


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