I Toured NBC Studios and Solved a Great Mystery

DSCN6778, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I guess I should first note how funny the NBC building is up on Nebraska Ave. I think it looks exactly like a high school. And on the inside it even has some pea green tiles to complete the homage. I’m sure it was dope sky in 1957.

But anyway, on to the mystery. So I got to discover something that was way cooler than all the Meet the Press history. I saw the local news studio. And I always wondered what type of chairs the anchors sat on. I was shocked to learn that they sit on pretty crummy stools. Actually stools that, fittingly, look like they were taken from a high school art class. Each anchor has their own stool and they’re all lined up in a row. I, sadly, was unable to find the great Lindsay Czarniak’s but I did find the great Jim Vance’s.



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