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  • JTS

    Anacostia is a great neighborhood. Explore it some more, and you’ll find many treasures. I’ve biked through most of Anacostia on my way to work every day for 4 years, and have had nothing but great experiences with the community. Now, if only they could get together and organize a movement to make Penn Ave SE a residential street again. Wishful thinking, I know…

  • saf

    Oh PoP, I’m so glad you got over there – it’s a beautiful place, with tons o’ history, and has been neglected far too long. DG-rad covers it well.

  • eric in ledroit

    what’s “DG-rad”?

  • eric: “DG-rad” is david garber, who writes the and now, anacostia blog.

  • Anonymous

    Props on heading over to other parts of the city that haven’t been covered on here yet! There will be lots of interesting info, I’m sure. Head over to Brookland, Rhode Island Ave/Brentwood, and Takoma, too.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Stay tuned. I’m headed to Brookland for a walkabout in two weeks.

  • Mal

    I have a silly question… I’ve lived here for 8 months and have yet to figure out what my “neighborhood” is called. I’m at 12th & Massachusetts Ave NW. Can anyone help?

  • mal: in my completely unprofessional opinion, i’d say it depends on what side of massachusetts you’re on. if you’re north of the road, you’re in logan. if you’re south of it, it’d be something else, but i don’t think there are homes on the south side of the road there (just cato).

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I agree with IMGoph, I’d call it Logan or Shaw.

  • Whatever you do, don’t tell people you live in “NoMa.” Just…don’t.

  • Most definitely Logan Circle, according to me.

  • Mal

    Thanks guys! Logan it is.

    Monkey – what’s NoMa stand for? I always thought people were referring to Northern Maryland haha.

  • Jimmy D

    NoMa = North of Massachusetts Ave I believe. It is one of those lame DC names that realtors came up with to make people think of NY when they read it. Because coming up with something unique to DC would just be too difficult apparently.

  • bogfrog

    Go see the chair! And Frederick Douglass house! And the houses on Maple View Pl

  • Mal

    Wow. Well considering I live about 20 feet north of Mass Ave I’m going to refrain from using NoMa and stick to Logan. Thanks! I’m still getting used to the District and all it’s crazy different neighborhoods. Love it here though!

  • Anonymous

    yeah for a mural promoting breastfeeding! go breastfeeding!!!

  • Ok, I know I’m coming in here to complicate things. I think that’s too far south and west and too close to downtown to call Logan or Shaw. I don’t have a good option for you though. This is how we (agents) end up making neighborhoods up.

    PoP, so glad you got over to Anacostia. There is so much to see all over the city.

    Re: Brookland, that’ll be fun too. I used to have an office over there. There are some really cute bungalows.

  • @hipchickindc: sorry, but it’s that line of thinking/guessing that, imho, leads to agents making neighborhoods up – i’m still thankful that “SoFlo” never caught on the way NoMa did. 12th and massachusetts nw is east of the circle, and most definitely part of the logan neighborhood. i’d also argue that a good portion of “logan circle” is in shaw, though not all of it. you’ll see the shaw historic district signs on a number of the intersections in logan. along the same lines, truxton circle is also a part of the shaw neighborhood.

  • future PoP attorney

    I told you there were good murals in that neighborhood

  • RD

    This board is filled with TiNo haters

  • Golden Silence

    Re: Brookland, that’ll be fun too. I used to have an office over there. There are some really cute bungalows.

    I love the bunglaows in the area.

    Will you be doing a PoPTrekker on Brookland or just a few posts and write-ups?

  • @jaime, really, I was kidding. As we’ve often debated on here, there are a lot of ‘in between’ neighborhoods.

  • Mal

    I’ll just call my neighborhood “Mal”. Spread the word, 12th & Mass is now the MalHood!

    I always thought it was too far away from Logan to be called Logan, but on 9th-ish & M there’s a random sign that says the Shaw Historic District. No idea. MalHood it is.


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