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Well, we’ve discussed some options for picking up a Christmas Tree but here’s one more option.

We stumbled upon this lot last year and returned this again this year. The trees are fresh (very thirsty), and the guys working there seem pretty decent. The day we went they had a fire burning in a barrel to keep you warm, and Latin music blasting from a car for ambiance. Now, I know the lot’s in Maryland, but it’s only about a mile over the DC border, and an easy 10-minute drive from Georgia Ave.


I like that the trees are lined up and easy to see (not all tried up, like some places), and they have different kinds of evergreens, not just the usual short-needle Christmas trees. Continues after the jump.


This unusual long-needle pine spoke to us (the one with the red ribbon) — it’s cool because it has all these little pine cones still attached.


And the best part is that they tie the tree to your car for you!

Directions from the ‘Nue: Take Missouri Ave towards Maryland. The road turns into Riggs Rd NE (be on the lookout for a super-cool mural), and then when you cross into Maryland the road changes names again to MD 212. The lot is on the left, at the intersection of the East/West Highway.

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