Washington, DC

Fall Fire, originally uploaded by jamietre.

I’ve been getting a number of emails about lots of smoke and fire trucks on Georgia Ave. Anyone down there – know the scoop?

If anyone has photos please email [email protected] Will update as soon as I get more details.

From a reader:

“There is some kind of big fire in petworth maybe near spring and ga ave? Smoke all over the place and multiple firetrucks. We could smell the smoke in my house and it sort of permeated the neighborhood… When we looked out our kitchen window it seemed to be billowing out of some building in the spring road area? There’s nothing on the news…”

Updated: Farmfreshmeat took some photos. (See above). It was a house fire on Quebec near 10th Street.
Updated 2: NBC Washington is reporting: “A body has been found inside a building fire…in the 1000 block of Quebec Place.”


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