Washington, DC

explosion challenger, originally uploaded by Alex Cerrato.

A bit sad but I think it’ll be interesting to read your responses. So I was thinking about Obama’s election and how it will probably be seared into most people’s memory. Then I was thinking the previous experience that was seared into most people’s minds was probably 9/11. But I’m curious about your most profound historical memory before 9/11 and this election. Mine was 1986 when the Challenger exploded. Quite traumatic at the time. For my folks it was probably when JFK was assassinated. For my grandparents it was probably when Pearl Harbor was bombed. But I’ve heard other people talk about Bay of Pigs, when the Pope was shot, when Reagan was shot, when John Lennon was shot. Yikes too many folks have been shot. Anyway the FQOTD is – What was your most profound historical memory before 9/11?


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