Washington, DC

Well, I’m still in a pretty good mood from the Obama victory (despite what you’ll read below).  So it got me thinking about times when I’ve been super happy.  Then I started thinking about great gifts I’ve received in my life and I was trying to think about the gift that made me happiest.  And I thought damn, that’d be a good FQOTD.  Ed. Note: Yes, I’ve had a few beers.  So I’ve been lucky enough to have received lots of great gifts in my life.  Some of the simplest have made me super happy like mix cds.  But when it comes down to the gift that just took me over the top – it was 1983 or 84 and my brother and I got the Atari 2600 for Hanukkah.  Holy shit, I could have gotten a million dollars and wouldn’t have been as happy.

So the FQOTD is – what is the greatest gift you’ve ever received or what was the singular most joyous moment in your life so far?


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