Friday Question of the Day

by Prince Of Petworth October 16, 2008 at 11:53 pm 19 Comments

cell phone evolution – from nokia brick to sony-ericsson w810i – _MG_6192, originally uploaded by sean dreilinger.

Continuing the random theme for the Friday question – I’m wondering what piece of technology has had the biggest effect on you in your lifetime. I suspect we’ll learn people’s ages here a bit. I remember my Dad telling me how crazy it was when ball point pens arrived and you didn’t have to dip a pen in an ink well. I’m 33 and spent my formative years without the internet or cell phones. Despite being a blogger and all, I think for me the cell phone has had the biggest impact. It has become a part of me just like my keys. It is insane because I didn’t get a cell phone until 1999. So what technological innovation has had the biggest impact on your life?


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