Holy Comments – You Guys Rock

Katie commented:

“Technically” it is my understanding that scooters under a certain weight class can be locked up on the sidewalk- but the motorcycle certainly should not!”

A fairly ordinary comment, yeah? This comment was the 25,000th comment on PoP. Unbelievable . (And this doesn’t even count the comments that got lost during the switch from blogspot.) People often ask me how I do so many posts 5 days a week without ever taking a break? This is the answer – the comments. I have never “known” a virtual community that was (for the most part) so respectful, insightful, humorous, and knowledgeable. For reals. I feel like every single question I’ve ever posted no matter how obscure has always been answered. It never ceases to amaze me how wide and varied the breadth of knowledge is from you guys. The success of this site falls squarely on your shoulders. So thank you.

And speaking of comments, Odentex deserves props for this hilarious one from yesterday’s tattoo of the week of a dandelion:

“It’s nice, but I really resent people who were not born in a field of dandelions getting a tattoo like this, it just ruins it for those of us who were born here (there).”

If the comment doesn’t make sense you may want to reread some of the comments here.

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