What a Random Spot for an Express Box

by Prince Of Petworth July 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm 13 Comments


This was a bizarre sight. This Express box was right in the middle of a very quiet street with nearly no traffic. For the curious it was on Hobart Street. Now I get the Express every morning for my metro ride and enjoy it. But on Hobart Street there is no metro nor even a bus stop near this box. Like I said I do enjoy reading the Express for my metro ride. But then again if the Onion or the City Paper were distributed daily to read on the metro I’d probably be just as happy. I’m certainly not going to go home and stretch my legs over a cup of coffee while reading short excerpts from the Washington Post in the Express. So how do you think this box got to such a random location? Do people read Express when not on the metro?


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