Reader Request: What’s The Worst Take Out Pizza You’ve Ever Had

Not my usual poll question but a reader has a bet on it so I must oblige:

“I have a friend who insists to me that there is no such thing as bad pizza. Needless to say, I disagree, and have had more than a few undercooked slices of tasteless pizza with way too much cheese and no flavor to speak of in my time. However, she is adamant that no matter how bad I would think the pizza was, she would still like it.

I don’t believe her, and to prove my point I bet her that I could find her some truly revolting pizza to try. The problem is that–having done my best to avoid eating bad pizza–I don’t actually know where to find the genuinely terrible stuff in the area. I’m sure if I went to every Plexiglass carryout in town I’d find a couple good specimens, but that’s an awfully tall order for one person.”

So what’s the worst pizza you’ve ever had in town?

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