Washington, DC

I’m saddened to write about another apparent day time shooting. From a reader:

“I woke up to the sound of a gunshot this morning right outside my apartment at 18th & Kalorama. I wasn’t entirely sure that it was a gunshot – in fact largely convinced myself I was mistaken – but then when I headed outside about a half hour later, I found the whole area crawling with police and criss-crossed with yellow tape.  I was curious if you have any other info on what happened, or could find out for me. It is really disconcerting to see your home turf cordoned off as a serious crime area, especially in broad daylight.”

At 12:56pm a DC Alert message went out:

” MPD reports the following blocks closed for police investigation:
2200-2500 18th St. NW, 1600-1800 Columbia Rd. NW, 1700-1800 Belmont
Rd. NW; 1700-1800 Kalorama Rd NW.”

Anyone know if a suspect was apprehended?


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