Washington, DC

Apparently a dude from Shaw faced an attempted mugging on his porch on Westminster Street. And fought off the muggers! (Hat tip DCist.)

He explains why he fought them off:

“Well in my pockets were not only my wallet and cellphone, but my brand new digital camera that I had purchased to document my mother’s wedding & excursions in Colorado. Had the thugs pulled out a gun or a knife I would have surrendered everything, but they didn’t, and I knew that if I would have voluntarily handed them the contents I would have lost all the photographs & video clips forever.”

Damn. Three against one. Well, thankfully he wasn’t hurt too bad. It’s funny as I often walk around for 5-6 hours taking photos I often wonder what I would do if I was mugged with my camera. Sometimes when I’m walking around alleys in Shaw or Bloomingdale I get a very unsettling feeling. In a similar circumstance I’d like to think that I’d fight as well. However, I suspect if these guys approached me on my porch not only would I have handed over everything in my pockets I probably would’ve invited them inside my house and given them my glue stash, my prized Adlai Stevenson and Eleanor Roosevelt photograph among other valuables. Insane. Do you think this guy made the right choice or just got supremely lucky?


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