Citywide Council Candidate Michael Brown Opens an Office on Georgia Ave. near LGL

by Prince Of Petworth July 25, 2008 at 12:00 pm 12 Comments


Petworth/Park View represent. But to be honest I don’t really know what these city wide council members do. I believe our specific Ward representatives like Muriel Bowser (Ward 4) and Jim Graham (Ward 1) have a huge impact on our lives and thus have a lot of accountablity. But the citywide reps have always seemed a bit nebulous to me. Brown is running against incumbent Carol Schwartz. So I’m just curious how much attention have you paid to this race? Do you feel that it will impact your experience in DC at all? Do you have any interest at all in this race? Do you have an opinion about Councilmember Schwartz? (I, sadly, feel like I know nothing about her and her influence on our neighborhoods and their development.) I feel like it should be very important yet I don’t hear too much about it.


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