Guerrilla Gardening in the New York Times

by Prince Of Petworth June 11, 2008 at 1:00 pm 8 Comments


I don’t know how I missed this awesome article in the Times Magazine last week about a guerrilla gardening movement. Did anyone read it?

The article starts:

“Just after sunset on one of the first mild nights of spring, Richard Reynolds parked his hatchback near a traffic circle in the London neighborhood of Hoxton. Tied to his roof were a potted honeysuckle and a dozen box hedge plants, spilling out of garbage bags. Trays of bright white Paris daisies filled the trunk, and cartons of variegated ivy were wedged in the passenger seat. Hipsters drank indifferently outside a nearby pub.

The car was swiftly unstuffed. Soon Reynolds and five accomplices were over a short black fence and onto a small, squalid crescent of land at a bend in the sidewalk. They were ankle-deep in food wrappers and beer bottles and the spindly overgrowth of a bullying bush that Reynolds — bent over, wearing work gloves and high black rubber boots — started clipping fervidly.”

How awesome is the idea of guerrilla gardening? Too cool. Think it would be a good idea for DC?


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