Washington, DC


A few weeks back we pondered the psychics along Mt. Pleasant Street. So then I thought why don’t we send our intern in Mt. P to one. And there you have it. Below Tina recounts her experience. Although I don’t know why it cost five times the price in the window…

I’ve never been quite convinced that “psychic powers” actually exist, but this weekend curiosity finally got the better of me and I stopped in for a psychic reading with Laura at 3107 Mount Pleasant Street.

I was hoping for a crystal ball and a woman in a turban, but what I got was a pleasant old woman and a pretty barren room in the building that used to house Yoly’s Clothing and Variety store. Laura told me she has had this gift for many years and has been reading palms in DC for 20 years. She used to be in Adams Morgan, but moved up the road a little to test the waters in a new neighborhood. So far business has been slow, but she’s got plenty of regulars, as well as another shop located at 15th and L. That one is run by her daughter who also has this “gift” which apparently is hereditary and sometimes skips a generation. Laura’s other daughter


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