Worst Press Release Ever?

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2008 at 11:46 pm 10 Comments

“Manny & Olga’s will be offering heart-shaped pizzas this Valentines Day.

Silver Spring , MD – February 6, 2007The babysitter’s booked, dinner reservations are made, now what to do for the kids? Manny & Olga’s Pizza, voted “Top 100 New Franchises” two years running, has a simple, heart-felt solution: A heart-shaped pizza. Manny & Olga’s Pizza heart-shaped pizzas are a perfect way for parents to express their love on Valentine’s Day, especially when leaving the kids for a night on the town.”

Heart shaped pizzas?  Really?  How about a free soda or something.  I mean if your looking for promotional ideas.  This ranks up there with, gosh, I don’t know what this ranks up there with, I think this could be the worst.

  • dcdrew

    I was at Costco yesterday and they had heart shaped ravioli with red and white pasta.

  • Flipflopirate

    Imagine you’re a 11 yr old kid… mommy and daddy are leaving for the evening, rachel mertz liked justins valentine better than yours at school, you havta spend the evening entertaining your little brother, the babysitter invited her boyfriend over and they’re drinking schnapps from your parents liquor cabinet… and later on your parents are going to be having their monthly “wrestling match” that keeps you up at night and leaves you slightly confused… a heart shaped pizza seems pretty swell at this point.

  • plepy

    the bf tried Manny & Olga’s for the first time last night, and it ended in some nasty food poison vomiting.
    happy valentines.

  • Otis

    How can they be voted a top 100 new franchise two years in a row?

  • DCer

    Plepy is right, there is something up with M+O’s across the country. My wife is fine with it, but every single time it’s like I found a carton of sour cream in the back yard and ate it. Be aware that some people cannot tolerate M+O’s

  • Instead of hearts, these pizzas should be turned upside down to be shaped like asses…that’s where they pour out of after turning from awful, low-grade food into even worse diarrhea, anyway.

    Seriously, anyone who orders Manny and Olga’s for any reason other than their staying open past 4am, when nobody is sober enough to know a decent pizza, deserves food poisoning.

    On a slightly more serious DC pizza note, yeah we have few options for anything decent…but if you havent, try Duccini’s http://www.duccinis.com or better yet, Albertos http://www.albertospizzeria.com, Radius http://www.radiusdc.com, 2 Amys http://www.2amyspizza.com, or Matchbox http://www.matchboxdc..com (2 Amys and Matchbox don’t deliver). This advice comes from a NYC pizza fan (faves there: Joe’s on Carmine near Bleecker, 2Boots, John’s, and the classic Brooklyn/DUMBO spots I went to as a kiddo). Stop putting up with Manny, Olga, Domino, Boli, Jumbo, and all the other DC shitzza.

  • Golden Silence

    I can vouch for the aforementioned Alberto’s. Their pizza is really good and the slices are hella huge.

  • Lindsay

    I actually think Manny & Olga’s is the best of the non-brick oven style / normal pizza places. I’ve never gotten sick and their tomato sauce is tasty. To each his own I guess….

  • sergio!!!

    papa johns is making the same heart shaped pizza offer!

  • Barrie

    Thanks to indiecognition for the pizza recommendations! I have been in DC 3 years and have given up on food in general in DC…it really sucks! So I will try these places. Coming from RI home of the best Italian food and home of Johnson and Wales Culinary School and on top of that I went to school right next to the CIA in NY, I got spoiled by the finest Chefs in America…. So a NY’er giving pizza advice is worth taking. I remember when I first moved here there was a survey on NBC4 about chefs pay saying it was highest in Las Vegas and that DC chef pay was 26k less than those in Vegas…. and the newscaster was commenting DC has some of the finest chefs in the US…. well having travel the global and a lot of the US…. I think NBC4 needs a newscaster with taste buds…because most restaurants in DC should be ashamed of themselves…. these places have cooks not chefs…So thanks again indiecognition….cause in Brooklyn these pizza joints would last about a NY second!!


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