Wilco Ticket Contest 9th Entry

by Prince Of Petworth February 6, 2008 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments

IMG_0042, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“My favorite place in DC is my apartment and more specifically my rocking backyard! Now my roommate and I did a massive search for an affordable apartment in D.C. which led us to Petworth…and where the hell was that?! Well, we love our neighborhood – right across from Rock Creek Cemetery which is a really beautiful place and down the street from restaurants like Domku, but not as much as our apartment which is spacious and every room has a different vibrant and feng shui’ed color. I’ve decorated with awesomely kitschy gold lamps, candles, posters and more candles much to my roommate’s amusement. I am kinda in love with my apartment and the fact that we have a gated backyard that means i can look out the windows and not see a rank alleyway but green trees. In fact, my roommate’s fiancee picked the backyard to propose to her, so she can look out and think of that moment everyday. It’s great breath of fresh air for me in this city, and when i dont feel like fresh air we’ll go down and have a cigarette :)”

[Check out the photo of the view outdoors after the jump.]

  • lazy cake

    I don’t think I’ve seen this block of Petworth before….looks nice!

  • Steve

    I think those apartments are on the city historic list…or something like that. It is a very nice little area.

  • bogfrog

    ooh… Emerson. Best addresses building. Nice space!

  • Ooh. We’re neighbors! I live around the corner on 3rd. I didn’t realize they had rentals in that complex. It looks so beautiful in there. And so gated.

  • Just J

    I am a resident and Board Member. Hampshire Gardens is a Co-Op so its not really for rent, but there are a few owners who rent their units. Prices are still really low compared to the rest of the area.

    It is on the historic list. PoP, I would love to do a tour !

  • Delafield Manor

    I, too, just moved in around the block on 3rd St. We have similar arches in our apartment, and I’m pretty sure that wee painted our Kitchen the same color as your living room.

  • @Just J: I know, my rent on 3rd is $723 for 1 bedroom And I have a back porch!

    @Delafield Manor: Ours too. Most of the places around here were built in the 1920s, the first wave of suburbia — arches, tudor and neo-colonial were big with the surge of patriotism after the war.

  • kt

    I live here in this co-op too! its really amazing how much I love that courtyard. Its is so lovely and peaceful all year long…


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