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Who Picks the Terminal Points for these Signs?

by Prince Of Petworth February 14, 2008 at 11:26 pm 12 Comments

IMG_6836, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Mount Rainer, MD? What the hell is in Mount Rainier, MD? Seems a bit arbitrary is all I’m saying.

  • I suppose it’s because Mt. Rainier is just over the DC/MD border, so it basically marks the terminus of the DC bike route on that street?

  • Anonymous

    Yea, and who really needs help when something is .1 miles away? I’m going to bet that it’s easier to see the metro oblesik that is .1 miles away then it is to read one of those small bike signs.

  • have you been to mt. rainier? don’t knock stuff haphazardly, dude. makes you sound pretty damn uncouth.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Um, no I haven’t been to Mount Rainier. That is why I asked the question.

  • That’s funny, I just realized yesterday that I pass one of these weird signs everyday on my walk to work. Arbitrary is right. For one, the one I pass is in the middle of the block, not even on the corner, and it pointed perpendicularly to the block. Why? Who put it there? Is it really a designated bike trail? And do I have to ride through that dudes house across the street to get there? I’m so confused….

  • P.S. There are a lot of awesome artists studios popping up in Mt. Rainer. The Washington Glass School and Red Dirt Studios are both up there.

  • ulock

    I think that’s where all the stolen bikes in DC go.

  • well, you didn’t ‘ask’, that would be “what’s in mt. rainier?” you said “what the hell is in mt. rainier?” there’s a bit of either disdain or incredulity that comes across in that, that’s all.

    anyway, mt. rainier is home to a pretty strong arts community. it’s like a less expensive version of takoma park, i’d argue.

  • Noah

    The Glut food co-op is in Mt. Rainier. I would say that’s a destination worthy of signage.

  • lazy cake

    Mt Rainier is where the Anacostia bike trail meets the Northwest Branch trail….and possibly whatever trail this pic is taken from.
    These signs are for bikers, not really for pedestrians, drivers, etc., so my guess is that the intended audience knows what’s going on in Mt Rainier.

  • pauper

    Wow, IMGoph, you need to relax. Regardless how strongly you feel about Mt. Rainier, it’s still not a destination for most people. Thus the reason PoP was wondering why there’s a sign for it.

  • DistrictDirt

    I drive through Mt Ranier every on my way up Rhode Island Ave from Shaw to University of Maryland. I’ve been meaning to stop in that Art-mosphere cafe place for awhile now.

    Be careful driving that route…I just got a speeding ticket there for 45 in a 35…on Valentines Day. Wow…the nerve I had to drive 45 miles per hour on Route 1. Fuck cops.


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