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We Had One Once, Can We Have One Again?

by Prince Of Petworth February 3, 2008 at 11:54 pm 7 Comments

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A reader wants to know:
“How can we get a farmer’s market in Petworth?
Maybe it can be on Upshur St. near Domku.
Any suggestions? Soon it will be Spring, and I would
prefer not to trek to Dupont, U St. or Takoma for fresh
vegetables. On a related matter, is there a group of
folks in Petworth that grow vegetables and fruits in
their yards? If so, it would be great to connect with
everyone. I am just getting ready to get the soil
tested and by the looks of it there is a lot of clay!
It would be great to exchange tips of what grows
well around here and learn from each other!”

  • Anonymous

    What about the one in Mount Pleasant? That’s not too far away!

  • dcdrew

    I’ve tried certain veggies with limited success. Every time I’ve tried tomatoes the vines get a blight and wither. Other garden crops seem to be picked off by the rats before they ripen with the exception of peppers and herbs. Oh, there are also slugs in the area, so watch your seedlings, they will mow them down in one night. I usually cover them with empty soda bottles (cut off the bottom and stick them over the seedling) until the stems are too thick for the slugs to eat.

  • SM

    Kera at Domku has worked on trying to get Petworth a farmer’s market. Last year Petworth applied to and organization that helps run them (Farm Fresh? ?), but Petworth got turned down. Maybe we are applying again? Also in the Great Streets plan they are going to turn 9th St just south of Upshur into a place dedicated to a farmer’s market. I think replace the asphalt road with brick and plan to close the street on the day of the market so it’s pedestrians only and there’s a place for stalls. My memory on this is a bit hazy but maybe someone else reading can add to this!

  • Beth

    I loved the farmer’s market we had in Petworth a few years ago. Mainly because I was new to the area and I really enjoyed heading down on Sat. mornings to sit down with my cup of coffee and croissant and the paper. It was a great way to feel connected to the neighborhood and meet new people. I wasn’t used to shopping at farmers markets back then so I can’t really speak to the the quality or quantity of produce. I just picked up a few things here and there and was generally content just to walk around and chat.

  • Parkwood Person

    Starhollow farm does CSA drop offs on Saturday mornings in Adams Morgan, which is a bit closer- on 18th and Columbia, right by the bank. They have some “a la carte” items each week that anyone can walk up and buy. The best part is that they are there all year long (though the winter selection is predictably root vegetable oriented!)

  • SM is right. Not sure if it means we have to wait for Great Streets to finish… also don’t know if Kera has working on that front again…

    I dug up a few related posts on Petworth News:


  • Roshani

    Thanks so much for everyone’s responses! I didn’t even know there was a farmers market in Petworth before. So how do we get one back? A petition, volunteer group, something else?

    dcdrew, thanks so much for posting the tips. I am sorry to hear that it’s tough to grow veggies around here. Others who are interested and would like to connect with others in the neighborhood, let’s try to get a group started that meets once a month at the Petworth library. I am happy to help with this. Anyone else plan to grow veggies this Spring?

    Thanks POP for posting this!


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