Want to Buy a Church?

by Prince Of Petworth February 10, 2008 at 8:53 pm 18 Comments

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a church for sale before. This actually makes me kind of sad because they are really good neighbors. They are very friendly and take really good care of their property, always raking or picking up garbage when necessary. So who buys a church? Do you think it will be bought by another congregation or turned into a house or what?

  • Toby

    Oh my gahsh!!! I just drove past that church yesterday and commented on it being for sale. As to who would buy a church, some groups rent space in schools or other places and as they grow, they want to buy their own building. I can think of at least two Hispanic churches in Petworth that hold services in buildings that are not specifically churches, the one on 9th and Taylor and one on 13th and Taylor, Casa del alfarero.

  • curious

    where is this church – I don’t recognize it…maybe I just have not been paying attention

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s on the corner of Taylor and Illinois.

  • DCer

    Churches are for sale in DC all the time. Is this really the first time you’ve seen it? There are about twice as many churches here as the area needs, so they turn over all the time. Where my parents lived, they all became Korean and are all empty on Sundays because DC doesn’t have as many Koreans as Korean churches.

  • Lindsay

    I live across from that church and while yes, they pick up their leaves, they occupy ALL the street parking several times a week until pretty late at night. I get home late from school and as a woman don’t like having to walk a ways home from my car. It also sucks because many of the folks using all the street parking have Maryland plates which just burns me. I’d be cool if it were Sunday mornings but it’s just all the time….

  • Property Tax Abatement

    If you register your home as a church (as I have seen a lot in DC), do you then pay no property taxes? I have often wondered about that.

  • Anonymous

    the house next door to the church is on the market too. you can buy both or each separately. i took a client into the house. it must have been used at the church offices. it’s huge, but they trashed it. (the church i mean, not my clients) :)

  • Sveiks

    Actually, BOTH of the houses next to the church are owned by the Church. From what I have heard, neither of the homes are much to look at inside, and the last time the church tried to sell them (last year) they were asking a ridiculous price (i want to say 560 each).

  • AJS

    The prices on the two houses next to the church have fallen precipitously, from over $500+K each, to $390K for 4102. (I couldn’t find a current price on the other unit.) They’ve been on the market quite a while.

    The church property is listing for $1.6 million.

    I’ve always been curious about that church and whether it would stay, given the very high number of MD and VA plates, and given the fact it was selling the two houses.

    Unlike many churches in Petworth, there’s nothing historically significant about the building itself, and thus nothing that would prevent a new owner from tearing it down and building something else on top. That said, the property appears to be zoned R-4 residential, like most of the non-commercial blocks of Petworth.

    Anyone have any ideas on what a purchaser might do with the property, if not keep it as a place of worship?

  • Sveiks

    If this was two or three years ago, I’d speculate that someone would buy it and build a bunch of condos…now, not so sure. If the church were to be torn down, I’d like to see whatever replaces it fit with the architecture of the surrounding blocks.

  • DC Liz

    The church that I got married in (Eldbrooke Methodist church on River Road in Tenleytown) is for sale, too. What I’m wondering is what will happen to the old cemetery out back.

  • tig

    The Eldbrooke Church sold for $5M to a group called City Church, who I think are a born-again church out of the Pacific NW who hope to influence public policy. The cemetary stays as is – it’s held by a Methodist foundation, so it’s probably not ever going anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    how much is this church?

  • Steve

    Does anyone know of a church for sale in or around DC for about $1 million? Thanks. Steve .. If you do, please email me at Stelvis9@aol.com

  • Solives

    There’s a church at 14th and Spring for sale for $1 million.

  • Steve

    Solives, thank you! … Steve .. if you happen to know the name, great. . if not,ok I’ll contact a friend in DC to drive by and find out.

  • Anonymous

    this church is for sale because they just built a new one

  • anonymous

    is this church still for sale and for how much?


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