• Ed

    Looks like shit to me, P{OP. Breaks up the roofline of the whole block.

  • Geezer

    Adding some vintage details and moulding doesn’t help at all. It’s an eyesore and an affront to what appears to be a delightful row of historic residences. Completely sad that these things keep getting built and sadder that few seem to care that DC’s architectural heritage is being trashed before our eyes.

  • Yack!! Really? It’s almost as bad as the “original” bad popup. Why couldn’t they just put in windows the same size as the original ones? Is that really so hard?

  • Jason

    I would say it reasonably nice.
    Yes, it probably will look better if the next doors also do the same thing so that the roof line could be more pleasant.

    I have a question regarding this pop ups. My understanding is that the wall between the houses are shared which is usually 10 brick wall. If some one wants to raise the wall (my scenario is for the good pop up where bricks are used instead of vinyl) how the owner gets the right to do so. Does, the next doors owner(s) has any right to veto on the deal?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know of any pop ups on a row like this that only cover the back half of the house, so do not break up the building line?

  • bogfrog

    I think we all like the symmetry of rows of similar houses. If every house had a mansard roof like this, you would barely notice. This one strikes me as newer, but looks a lot like the 19th century pop-ups that I think fit well with these brick houses. See S St between 14th and 15th for more…

  • i’ve seen a number that have been set back so you can’t see them from the sidewalk.
    if i did one on my house, thats how i’d like it.

    i like that this one used bricks and looks like there is integrity in the design
    its a far better design than most.

  • DCer


    how much, in general terms, did you pay for your pop-up and how did you do the stairs?

  • i’ve no idea the cost…. i had said “if” i did one.

    i’m sure it is well beyond my budget.

  • is that on T street? yeah, i think it’s ass. breaks up what was a beautiful, uniform look on the street.

  • Anoymous

    On what block is this pop-up house located?


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