Just Inexplicable

by Prince Of Petworth February 6, 2008 at 11:12 pm 9 Comments

IMG_6690, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Knights are cool in certain circles, I can respect that, if not necessarily for myself. But pigs? I guess it is kind of beautiful thing. Screw all this damn conformity. If folks want to put pig sculptures in front of their house, then God bless ’em. Like the Knights though, I also would’ve loved to have heard this conversation between the husband and wife…oh never mind. Check out a closeup of the pig in full glory after the jump.

  • reuben

    Maybe the children of Fred Ziffel from “Green Acres” live here. Fred, as you may recall, had a pet pig named Arnold. May be rest in peace….

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  • Sveiks

    Pigs are awesome. They give us bacon.

  • J

    A symbol of pork…in Washington. It’s perfect, of course!

  • Sveiks

    Pork is a good thing, both in terms of food, and in terms of $.

  • you missed the Christmas Pigs…

    during the holiday season each pig had a Santa cap!

  • DCer

    Gwadz is right, those pigs have been there for decades and the wonderful couple who owns the place now decorates them for every holiday.

  • Sharon

    Supposedly pigs are a symbol of good luck and prosperity ~

  • flydhest

    The pigs names are Amos and Edgar.


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