Friday Question of the Day

by Prince Of Petworth February 22, 2008 at 12:03 am 31 Comments

One of things I love most about living in Petworth is the diversity. And so I was just thinking the other day that in the five years I’ve lived on my block 9 homes have sold. And that’s just my little block, not multiple blocks on my street, just one little block. And I wondered if Petworth may be losing what I love most. I feared if 9 people moved in just like me we’d probably become rather ordinary. At any rate, 9 homes have sold, and of those nine homes you know who has moved in? White people, black people, gay people, Latinos and other immigrants in just 9 homes on my little block. It is amazing to me how beautiful this neighborhood is and how beautiful it continues to be. So for me, one of the things I love most about living in Petworth and living in the city is the incredible diversity. So the Friday question of the day is: what do you love most about living in your neighborhood? You know we all made choices to live in the city, sometimes we pay more money for our rent or mortgage, we face more obstacles, we pay higher taxes, we don’t have voting representation in the Congress, we have crime etc. So despite all this why did you chose to live where you live?

Furthermore a reader, Steve, would like to raise the question: what had you wish you’d known prior to moving into an urban environment?


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