14th Street Just North of W

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2008 at 11:33 pm 10 Comments

IMG_6381, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So what’s the deal here with all these boarded store fronts. Isn’t this wicked prime property? Who’s got the scoop on this one? Personally, I think a book store would go in nicely…

  • geep

    My guess would be that these buildings will be demolished for new condos…

  • Anonymous

    These will be part of the YMCA redevelopment:
    “Perseus as part of this deal bought five townhomes fronting 14th Street NW and adjoining the YMCA’s land. The plan is to preserve the homes but include them in the project as street-front retail.”

  • Yeah… here’s the project page with rendering:
    13,000 SF retail, 45,000 SF YMCA, 230 apartments, 180-200 underground parking spaces.

  • All I know is that I’ll mourn the collection of gentlemen that gathers outside and harasses me on my way to and from my house.

  • Golden Silence

    belmontmedina, if you need a place to vent about street harassment, go to Don’t Be Silent. I cannot stand those “Loitering Loser”-types either.

    Topic? Seeing boarded-up buildings depresses me. I know progress takes a long time, but I’d really love jump to the future to see the “after” shot. But from every boarded-up building, a new coffee shop, bookstore, or condo (I know, I know) opens.

  • Jason

    A little history about 14th and W, this used to be a boxing arena (and a precursor to WWF wrestling), you’ll notice the corner lot is where the entrance used to be…here’s some links, I can’t find any better photos though:


  • That happens all over DC. The former club/restaurant Dragonfly has been boarded up for the past year, and you couldn’t ask for a more prime location to have a business.

  • DCer

    There will be no more book stores. There will be no more record stores. There will be no more video stores nor movie theaters. Please people, no brick and mortar store will ever open again selling something you can download for free online. you sound like my grandparents complaining about, you know, not seeing horses anymore.

  • “Please people, no brick and mortar store will ever open again selling something you can download for free online.”

    I suppose that would explain the lack of good porn shops in the area…

  • DCer — Huh? Is that why new record stores, bookstores and movie theaters keep opening up in cities that seem to actually appreciate these things? Even DC has opened several record stores in the last 4 years, Philly even more. New York, Chicago, LA, SF have fantastic and huge record stores and bookstores. And Sundance just opened a sweet new movie theater in San Francisco. Just because DC doesn’t get it. And seems to have no appreciation for art and culture, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is that backwards Sure the business has changed, and there is probably no money in for big players. But it’s an ideal spot for independent businesses. I mean if the internet replaces everything — why haven’t grocery stores replaced restaurants. Or Goodwill replaced clothing stores. Or whatever. Don’t be an stupid. There are markets for quality music, film and books. We just aren’t that market.


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