Wilco Ticket Contest: Second Submission

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2008 at 3:00 pm 12 Comments

IMG_0057, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

My DC photo cache is undoubtedly small, as I’ve only lived here a short time. However, it is with great pride that I send to you a picture of a DC location very near and dear to my heart: Capitol City Brewing Company.

Just one month after moving from Maine to DC, I chanced upon a CCBC and within a week I was making daily pilgrimages to quench my thirst and knowledge of beer.

Indeed, I am a beer lover but not an alcoholic. Yes, I do have other hobbies other than beer – it just happens to be my day job is all. I am a brewer at CCBC. I get to play with the kettle, mash tun, and the finest ingredients on earth: malt, hops, yeast, and 100% pure, unpasteurized DC water. The best part of my day is standing in the brew house with the malty aroma of the mash clearing my nasal passages and pores. In fact, the attached picture is a James’-eye-view of the brew system right before I take my daily morning dip in the 150 degree malty water.

This DC location holds a commodity more valuable than the National Treasury’s papers. What did the colonists drink when their dirty water gave them tapeworms? beer. What did our founding fathers drink while drafting the Constitution? beer. And what brewery proudly wears its DC name on its sleeve? Capitol City Brewing Company.

I rest my case and go to sleep dreaming of Jeff Tweedy.


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