Washington, DC

IMG_6349, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is the famous bodega across the street from the Petworth Metro on New Hampshire Ave. It is a notorious spot for drug dealing and loitering. While I like the font on these signs, I’m not sure their message will be appreciated. And since these signs are under the authority of the bodega, do you think a dealer is going to obey?

Updated: Actually a neighbor of mine told me that he saw a number of kids smoking grass and dealing a “few transactions” right across the street outside the metro. So maybe it has had a little effect…

In all seriousness, I feel really bad for the proprietors of this store who seem like really hard working nice folks. It is shame that they have to deal with the loitering and dealing outside their store. Now, that I think of it another person told me that there are dealers who hang out front of the bodega on 5th and Shepherd. Is this a common problem outside many bodegas in the neighborhood?


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