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Friday Question of the Day

by Prince Of Petworth December 13, 2007 at 11:52 pm 37 Comments

When I first moved into my house I was most excited about the stairs. After living in an apartment for so many years, I couldn’t believe that I actually had my own stairs. I remember just running up and down the stairs like a little kid. Actually, I still do it but then my knees start hurting. Anyway, for the Friday question of the day: What were you most excited about when you moved into your own home/rowhouse/condo? Or if you are still looking/planning what is the one feature you would most like in a home?

Comments (37)

  1. Looking planning: A second bedroom. A project room. But hey, this is the first DC apt out of a basement. So I’m still excited that I can see the tops of people’s heads when I look out the windows. And ceilings more than 7 ft (or less) above me.

  2. Stairs. I live in a condo and I love it, but to have my own stairs is a dream I constantly dream.

  3. The satisfaction of ownership along with the ability to remodel without concern for property manager’s/landlord’s authority. I would also say having my own washer/dryer in my unit.

  4. The fact that I can paint my walls, not that I have yet!

    My new dream: a second bedroom. Such luxury! I’ve never lived in a two-bedroom place ever (since I moved out of my parents’ house, that is.)

  5. My washer/dryer!!!!!

  6. Dreaming of what could be and, oddly, having a small yard.

  7. When I bought my tiny condo, I finally felt like a grown up. But my dream now is to have a kitchen that’s large enough to have a junk drawer.

  8. The kitchen … and all the extra rooms!

  9. laundry, laundry, laundry.

  10. The stairs, the dining room, the backyard, and especially not having to go through a lobby, up an elevator, and down a hall to get to my place. I was even excited about having an alley.

  11. My American dream came true with a staircase, a dining room, and a deeded parking space.

  12. A private garden/courtyard, laundry, and the ability to renovate to suit my style.

  13. I enjoy having a backyard with the purchase of my condo. While it belongs to the whole building (there are only 4 owners = 4 units, including me) it’s on my level, so I feel obligated to keep the grass cut and leaves raked, which I also find therapeutic and gratifying. And, since we are only four owners of the building, it’s nice to be close knit with a small group of neighbors. We all look out for each other.

  14. I am an unrepentant electric football geek . I finally have a room in which I can place my game boards (I have four)-shelves for players (as opposed to playas), etc. I go in there, start or continue a game. Heck, I even do play by play. My cat doesnt seem to mind….. Blah Blah Blah

  15. I’ve always said that if I were to buy a house in the DC area it would be one of the ones that has a turret-like section so I’d have a round room(s). Apparently it’s genetic because my sister has also said she wants a round room. Perhaps it’s environmental, both of us having grown up in bi-level rural-suburban hell. ;-)

  16. After living in several city apartments with tiny, windowless kitchens, with old worn-out appliances, I was grateful to have a brand-new kitchen, with windows, in my new condo.

  17. Nobody living above or below you… and the privilege of stomping around the house and blasting your stereo at all hours that comes with that. And as much as stairs are great, I love having very few of them (and no elevator) between the street and my front door.

  18. I was most excited about having multiple rooms (having moved from a studio apartment) and laundry! When we first moved in, my husband and I would stand at opposite ends of the condo and shout to each other, not believing how “big” it was. Now, I look forward to a back yard, two floors, and a little more space from my neighbors.

  19. The best is being able to have a party and not worry about how many people can be squeezed into a small apartment space.

    Granted, the place is still a construction zone, so it’s not the best venue for a party right now…

  20. A 15 minute commute to my job. A tax deduction and being able to itemize. My own parking space.

  21. Number one is having a yard – I love gardening more than anything. After that the next best thing is a furnished guest room with – an antique bed and cushy pillows and flannel sheets. Most importantly, my guest room has a door that closes…no more pullout couch, ah privacy. And my guests no longer get tortured by purring cats at 6am walking all over them (that’s saved for me, sigh).

  22. My own washer/dryer. No next-door neighbor. And closet space, a huge plus.

  23. Yard. Grilling out and sitting in a lawn chair with a beer on a hot summer day.

  24. backyard.

    but mostly I wasn’t happy with home ownership- too many things I just relied on a landlord for had to be addressed by me and me alone. The plumber I found moved and I never found a plumber as good again. the person who remodeled part of my kitchen was a screw up. Last year, for instance, I replaced my roof for $5000 and couldn’t take any vacation because I was broke. Then $4000 to replace a retaining wall in my front yard and re-do that this fall. 5 years ago I had to replace most of the rear part of my house and remodeled it for $13,000. Now I’m dealing with 50 year old wood damage in my bathroom. I definitely saw $30k in home repairs since 2000 and another $10k in repairs in the 1990s, but that’s what you get with an 80 year old house.

    There were no options except to buy a house but I’m just not Mr. Fixit

  25. the dishwasher! After years of doing dishes by hand in one of those Barbie doll sized studio kitchen sinks-I was ready!

  26. 2 staircases! the main stair and the skinny stair at the back of the house down to the kitchen

  27. that’s simple:

    garbage disposal
    laundry inside my unit

  28. My Petworth rowhouse is old and we bought it unremodeled when Petworth was much less upscale than it may be now. We have no garbage disposal or dishwasher, but I don’t cook huge meals every day, so it’s OK. I do love the old, original cabinets in the kitchen, with their glass fronts as well as the pantry, sort of a walk in closet in the kitchen. And the claw-foot bathtub I wouldn’t trade for the world, even though we had to rig some homemade shower up for those of us who don’t take long tub baths. Also, my 3 minute commute is great.

  29. Hi All.

    This question is very timely for me as I have just closed on my house YESTERDAY. The feature I love the most? Definitely the kitchen with more cabinet space then I can ever hope to fill…at least I don’t think I can fill. The bathrooms, washer/dryer and dishwasher rank highly on this list too.

  30. Oh man, I would so love to own a row house of some type in DC. I always said I wanted one of those 3 story houses with round turets so I could have a music room and a library. I would also love a big kitchen and a yard…

    For now the group house rocks though and we do have an awesome deck. Row houses are sweet.

  31. DCer: I can guarantee you that your house is worth a hell of a lot more than $40k more today than what you paid for it in the 1990s.

    Home repairs shouldn’t make you broke. That’s what home equity loans are for. You need to remember that your house is an investment. Of course it can be tough for new homeowners with little equity, but over the long run (which clearly you are in) your house will almost certainly pay for it’s own upkeep – and much more.

  32. I love my little fenced backyard/patio and deck. Perfect for sitting and/or letting the dog out for those occasional middle of the night pee runs. I also love having an actual dining room. I’ll admit that we eat off the coffee table too often, with the TV on (gasp!), but knowing that we don’t have to, and that we can have 10 people over for dinner (and all sit at the same table!) makes me happy and warm inside.

    If anyone would like to experience the joy of stair ownership, I welcome you to come over any time to sweep/vacuum mine- I’ve got a whole case of ’em…

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