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by Prince Of Petworth November 4, 2007 at 10:59 pm 31 Comments

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Why are there so many Cowboys fans in DC? One thing I’ve always liked about DC is how the whole city rallies around the Redskins. I’ve always found it odd that there are so many fans of the Redskins rivals in DC. Any explanations?

  • i’m going to guess that it’s the whole “enemy of my enemy” thing. i know that, in some places i lived, i didn’t like the local team, so it’s easy to actively root for their biggest rival. maybe all these people just couldn’t stand the skins for one reason or another, so they latched on to the enemy as a way to dislike the skins even more.

  • Anonymous


    There was a story in the Post about a year ago that talked about the Cowboy phenoma in DC and it boils down mostly to racism and if you’ll notice most of the Boy’s fans in town are mostly older male African-Americans. Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when the Cowboys were coming into their own the Redskins were owned by a guy named Marshall, who was a pretty bad racist. IIRC, the Skins were one of the last, if not the last team to have a black starter. The organization was also known to rife with racism while the Cowboys where just starting off had a ton of black stars like Calvin Hill, Pierson, etc.

  • sean

    there were these two old and very drunk guys on the bus one time talking very loudly about nearly everything under the sun. everyone else was listening, but also kinda cautious as the guys seemed like they might throw down any second.

    one of them said very loudly, do you know what dc stands for?
    everyone that i could see rolled their eyes and turned around to look at them.

    the guy shouted Dallas Cowboys!
    i dont think there was a soul on the crowded bus that didnt laugh their ass off.

  • Anonymous

    Some of us just like the Cowboys. My mother is from Texas, and I grew up watching Dallas Cowboys football with my grandfather. I’m an NC native, but there were no Panthers until ’95. As such, my first football love will always be the Cowboys.

    Also, Dan Snyder is evil.

  • It’s simple PoP: it’s because the Redskins stink and have a 1000 year-old mummy as their head coach. None of this explains why people would then choose to root for a bunch of bums from Dallas, but that’s another story.

  • Sveiks

    Cowboy fans in DC are bammas. Plain and simple. They try to use the argument about race in the ’60s, and that logically applies to old folks who root for the cowboys. But the younger Cowboy fans are just front-running contrarian bammas. They always have a story about how they were Cowboy fans during Aikman’s 1-15 season or their mother’s uncle’s neighbor’s dog was from Texas so they’ve always rooted for the ‘Boys. The truth is, they just like being assholes.

  • Anonymous

    For the most part these cowboys fans are simply people who did not get sufficiet attention from their parents as kids.

  • Sveiks

    Early October really is a tough time for the wardrobes of Cowboy fans in DC. I mean, that TO jersey does look good with that Yankees hat, but NBA training camp is starting, and it’s tough to match all that navy blue with those Lakers and Bulls jackets. At least once College bball starts, the Duke or Carolina sweatshirt will pull the whole outfit together.

  • Sveiks: everything goes with Brown and Orange. The Seagulls went down in overtime yesterday, next week will be Pittsburgh Squealers, and then the Dawgs will pound the Baltimore Parakeets (again).

  • reuben

    my dad was a big cowboys fan….in part because he and former coach tom landry
    shared a similar temperament… they never looked ruffled, never panicked when they were behind… but seeing as how this is a one team town ( its hard for even the so-called objective journalists to keep from slobbering when football season rolls around)-i kinda like the presence of contrarians…. but as an older black man, i have to also say it troubles me to see black folks ( or anyone) walking around ( as i once saw at rfk) in native costumes… let daniel snyder say what he wants, the name redskins is
    about as praiseworthy as the “n” word….. i am thrilled anytime the team bites the
    dust-er, turf…

  • reuben

    p.s. anonymous is right. the redskins were the boston red sox of the nfl- the last team to accept black players…..

  • j of the jtl

    yea anonymous & reuben are about about the redskins being the last team to have black players which is pretty bad and definitely explains the older generation.

    and svieks is dead on about the younger generation. i would say majority are bandwagon jumpers who loved “america’s team” when they were winning superbowls in the early 90’s. but sure as hell werent watching them when they sucked.

    what i say is f’ dallas. i almost ran one fan over with a shopping cart at giant yesterday. and i can say when i walk by nash’s sports i want to go in and tell them to take that dallas crap out of the window.

    go redskins!

  • Sveiks

    It’s almost Dallas week. I’m buying this today… http://www.motheringhut.com/starget.html

  • Tray of DC

    Anonymous and Reuben are right…that piece of history was told to me by my older brothers as I was forced to watch Dallas games as a child. So yes I love Dallas…Also, I don’t understand why DC folks love the PG County Redskins anyway. Redskin fans are so lame. They didn’t induct Bobby Mitchell into the Redskin Hall of fame until the late seventies…(Joe Theismann before Bobby Mitchell ???)…and they ran their first Black quarterback out of town….George Allen abused Larry Brown (and Jack Kent Cook never paid him his worth)….I could go on and on…not to mention the racist name of the team…GO COWBOYS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Though I do agree that racism played a role in the Cowboy/Redskins rival, it has more to do with the money. When the NFL began considering Texas as the state to host a proposed expansion team, the move was strongly opposed by the Redskins owner, who had enjoyed a monopoly in the South for three decades. However, when the future owners of the Dallas Cowboys bought the rights to “Hail to the Redskins” and then told George Marshall that he would no longer be allowed to play the song at NFL games, the Redskins owner changed his mind. The Dallas Cowboys became a franchise in 1960.

    …and so it begins…and so it shall be….

  • That’s not true. The Redskins had no “monopoly”, or fans, in Texas. The Dallas Texans, Lamar Hunt’s AFL team (later the Chiefs), were in Dallas and the Oilers in Houston before the Cowboys. If anything, the Cowboys were the NFL’s answer to the new AFL presence in the growing Texas market. Redskins fans in Texas?!? HA HA.

  • And additionally, this notion of “America’s Team” is roundly laughed at everywhere south of Dallas. The Cowboys are hated by most other Texans since they perfectly represent the town they come from: stuck up, self-satisfied loudmouths. It was inevitable that T.O. would make it to Dallas since never has a jackass and a city suited each other so perfectly.

  • pauper

    Actually, the “America’s Team” moniker was originally offered to the Steelers by NFL Films. Art Rooney said he didn’t want the Steelers to be America’s Team, he wanted it to be Pittsburgh’s Team. Dallas was then offered it, and of course they jumped all over it. I guess they needed something after the Steelers crushed them in the Super Bowl.

    So anyway, they’re America’s Second Team, and that’s being generous.

    Sorry, Oden. I know you’re a Brown’s fan so you obviously hate the Steelers but facts are facts.

  • reuben

    Pauper is right about the origin of the “America’s Team” moniker, but, for the record-Pittsburgh beat Dallas 21-17 in Super Bowl X, and 35-31 a few years later…
    These aren’t “crushes”. Unless you are talking about the Steel City’s undying love for their team… ( smile)

  • Anonymous

    Dear Oden….clearly you just want to be, well, an asshole. This is from the Redskins website…..check it out for yourself……….


    “Early on, Redskins owner George Preston Marshall placed a key vote opposing the entry of a Dallas franchise for fear it would upset fan interest in his Redskins through the South. The Redskins, the NFL’s southern-most team, played exhibition games as far west as Texas.

    After some maneuvering, Marshall capitulated and the Cowboys were born. The Redskins won the first meeting between the teams 26-14 in 1960. The Cowboys moved to the NFL’s Eastern Conference in 1961, and a home-and-home series has existed ever since.

    In the mid-1960s, Washington’s strength was a potent aerial attack led by Sonny Jurgensen, Charley Taylor, Bobby Mitchell and Jerry Smith. The Cowboys, who lost in the NFL title games to Green Bay in 1966 and 1967, featured Don Meredith, Bob Hayes and a star-studded defense.

    “They had a very, very explosive passing game,” Cowboys Hall of Fame defensive tackle Bob Lilly once said. “Sonny was always scary. Bobby was fast. Taylor was always open. Smith was a very good receiver for a tight end. The running game wasn’t that great, but with Sonny, you really didn’t need a running game.”

    For all of that, the Cowboys won six straight times from 1968 to 1970 before the arrival of someone who would intensify the rivalry several-fold: George Allen. “

  • Dear Anon: I don’t care what the Deadskins corporate website says about their ridiculous belief that people in Texas were fans in some distant, bizzaro-world fantasy history. They weren’t and aren’t. Perhaps by the term “The South” the Deadskins mean shoeless hillbillies across the Patomac in Ol’ Virginny all nestled up to their transistor radios listening to games while they cooked up some squirrel over the potbelly stove. I dunno. But to suggest that Texans were rooting for Washington INSTEAD of rooting for the TWO EXISTING AFL teams (the Texans and the Oilers) who were already in Texas BEFORE the Cowboys came into existence is totally retarded.

    Further, to suggest the NFL’s expansion to Texas had more to do with the passing fancy of Deadskin’s inbred ownership than the NFL’s recognition that they had SCREWED UP bigtime by not letting Lamar Hunt in years before (causing him to create the AFL in anger and take the Texas market) is also just as stupid. Try getting some facts instead of reading Deadskin hype about their non-existent, navel-gazing past.

    On the same note, you can keep talking about George Allen and those championships Methuselah Gibbs won back in the olden days before electricity — everyone else who isn’t a deluded Deadskins fan can see they are a bunch of NFC chumps that couldn’t beat a flag football squad made up of 10 year old girls with peglegs and blindfolds.

    And finally, Sonny who?!? You AREN’T serious? Unlike locals, most of America has only one Deadskin “highlight” that they can remember vividly, and that’s Joe “Ouch” Theisman’s leg snapping like a dry winter twig.

    PoP: sorry to turn your blog into a sports rant, but if people want to start tossing around anonymous epithets they ought to at least know what the hell they are talking about.

    I do have sympathy for Deadskins fans even if I fail to understand their delusions.

  • pauper

    Oden Oden Oden…I can’t let you keep going. First, regardless who you’re a fan of, you’re a fan. That means that even when a awful owner sets your team a million years back, you keep cheering for them. Even when year after year, they don’t play to potential, you keep cheering for them. It doesn’t matter what happens – you keep cheering for them. That’s what being a fan is about. You of all people should understand that. I mean, c’mon, the Brownies? So delusional or not, we Skins fans will remain Skins fans.

    And what about Darrell Green running down Tony Dorset during his rookie season? Or Riggins 4th and inches turned 43 yard touchdown run against the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII? Or Doug Williams 4 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter in Super Bowl XXII? There are plenty of highlights out there. They won 3 Super Bowls and have played in 5. How many have the Browns played in?

  • Pauper: I mean delusional in thinking the team is good NOW because they won a championship once back when they wore leather helmets. Listen, the HYPE surrounding what is, at best, a below average NFC team is completely laughable. No other team with so little talent and so little chance to reach the playoffs gets as much fawning and comprehensive coverage. I am not the first person to mention this local phenomenon. It goes WELL BEYOND rooting for your team through thick and thin which, believe me, I understand very well.

    And, as if almost on cue, you start talking about the paleolithic era just like Mr. Anon. Can we please stop with the anecdotes about how Sonny Jerkenson invented the forward pass and how all the children in the south used to sing “Hail to The Deadskins” before their bedtime prayers? It’s boring. Really. It’s reminds me a lot of how Dallas fans act except Dallas fans have a team that can win a football game.

  • pauper

    You said that there aren’t any highlights anyone can remember vividly outside of Theisman’s leg being snapped. I named some that happened around the same time period. C’mon, you gotta keep up!

  • Pauper: I said “unlike locals, most of America has only one Deadskin ‘highlight’ that they can remember vividly”. Locals might remember the time John Riggins huge fro ate Miami (http://www.kusports.com/football/nfl/mugs/riggins.jpg), but most of us don’t remember that stuff as much as we remember LT jumping up and down after he made a pretzel out of Bigmouth Joe’s leg.

  • DCer

    First, regardless who you’re a fan of, you’re a fan. That means that even when a awful owner sets your team a million years back, you keep cheering for them. Even when year after year, they don’t play to potential, you keep cheering for them. It doesn’t matter what happens – you keep cheering for them. That’s what being a fan is about.

    Man, that is some of the nerdiest drek I’ve ever read. Dude, if you don’t have the sense god gave a goat to not be a “fan” of something without reason then, my friend, I’d rather hire a goat for my company than hire you. Next time you don’t get that job- it’s because of your lack of common sense.

  • pauper

    Wow. I’m not sure what your company does, but I know that I wouldn’t want to work for or with a smug, ignorant prick like you. That’s for sure.

    And I guess you don’t know what being a fan is anyway. The etymology of fan isn’t 100% agreed upon, but many feel it comes from fanatic. A fanatic is insane. There’s no rational. That sounds about right to me. Work, relationships, everything else in life requires rationality, but not sports. Who knows how it starts. Maybe you start liking a team because your dad does. Maybe it was the first team you remember winning the World Series or Super Bowl. Maybe you just started looking up to a specific player. Regardless, once you’ve become that fan, you can follow them forever and it doesn’t have to be rational anymore.

    Regardless, if you want to think I’m a loser with no common sense, that’s fine. Because even if I am, you’ll still be a smug, ignorant prick trying to teach a goat how to use Excel. Good luck with that.

  • Pauper: judging by DCer’s message he may be a “lawn care engineer”. If so, a goat probably COULD do a better job than you. Jus’ saying.

    I saw where they reconnected Joe Gibbs’ hearing aids so he can communicate his innovative plans for the “Flying Wedge” next week. It’s a good thing he has that sponsorship deal with Depends diapers worked out just in case Dan Snyder is awakened from his cocaine induced coma long enough to notice he owns the worst team in professional football. “Dude, I own a football team? When did that happen? Hey, where’s my car?”

  • i’m not a big sports person. or, well, a sports person at all. but i do have a lot of home-town pride, so i support all of the DC teams by default, regardless of how well they do.

    however, i was at a party and met a DC-native who was a die-hard cowboys fan, and he explained to me that some people like sports for home-town pride, but some people like to support a team that wins, that supporting a team that wins makes them feel good, proud of the team they support, and excited about their team.

    i’d never really thought about it that way, and while, as a proud washingtonienne, i am still rather irked by DCers who support the cowboys on principle, he did have an interesting point.

  • pauper

    That’s not an interesting point. That’s the DEFINITION of fairweather fan. Just awful.

  • Poor Old Chef Gillian

    Yes…the broken leg. I remember it well, ODEN. I am a Giant’s fan. And I believe it was Lawrence Taylor (LT–the original) who was on top of Joe. Figured Oden has to be a cowboy fan.


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