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Friday question of the day

by Prince Of Petworth July 12, 2007 at 10:03 pm 10 Comments

As I think is very well known, I love Temperance Hall. I honestly think it is near perfect. So do we need another neighborhood bar? Or would you rather have something that we don’t have yet like a bookstore or all the other ideas people put forth a few weeks ago. Yet, if you look at H Street, NE there seems to be bar after bar opening and they appear to be doing well. So what is the best way to spur development – to open a series of bars/restaurants and hope other development follows? Or can we have one perfect bar and hope that, that will attract the other types of development that we seek, ie coffee shop, bakery, chocolate shop etc? Will it occur when the big condos over the metro are built? So are there any economists out there? Urban planners? How the hell does “development” occur? And what role will the great streets initiative play? Somebody explain a few scenarios to me please.


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