Does anyone rent in Petworth?

A little while ago a reader wrote in to inquire about renting options in Petworth. Before we address that issue I would like to give props to the apartment building right near the metro on New Hampshire and Quincy. This building (at least on the outside) is the ideal that other apartment building should strive for. First of all, it has a fantastic garden that is very well cared for. Secondly, almost every morning on my walk to the metro there is a gentleman (employed by the building) who cleans up all the trash that has collected around the building. I know I mostly focus on homes so I just wanted to give the respect that this building’s management certainly deserves.

So, back to the question at hand. Not everyone can afford to buy in Petworth now that the prices have reached a certain level. But lots of people are becoming introduced to Petworth through Domku, Temperance Hall and word of mouth. So what are their options? It seems like there are a number of ads on craiglist to rent rooms or share houses. But what about traditional apartment buildings besides the one in this photo? Incidentally, does anyone know someone who lives in this apartment building. Is it as nice on the inside as it is on the outside? So, is renting a viable option in Petworth? How are the prices to rent here?

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