Care To Speculate? Vol. 2

by Prince Of Petworth June 19, 2007 at 10:30 pm 8 Comments

Brings us a bit further east on Upshur. You can see this storefront is next to Duke’s Seafood. I think this may be the bakery that we have heard so much about. Care to speculate? While we are at it, anyone try Duke’s Seafood?

  • justanothergirlinthehood

    Got some yummy fish and collard greens at Duke’s just the other night. Good food and friendly folks!

  • Anonymous

    Duke’s Seafood — great whiting fish sandwich and hush puppies! Very nice people.

  • Joe

    Duke’s Seafood is fantastic for seafood, chicken, French fries, greens etc. And soft-serve!

    Any information about the long-awaited pastry shop in the photo is very welcome. For a while we heard bureaucratic obstacles, but at this point this guy has been, uh, on the pot for, what, four years? Do something or move over, pal.

  • J.Con.

    Funny you should mention Duke’s, PoP. I just flew back into town late last night and am headed out to Duke’s right now! it’s the Taste of the PW!

  • Anonymous

    I’m fairly certain this is going to be a laundromat…just like what was there, but nicer. The bakery was supposed to be in the brown building to the left (as you face) the building in this picture. It has blinds in the windows.

  • Joe

    My fault, that is going to be a laundromat. I was thinking of the other building. Anybody know anything about that one?

  • oden

    Duke’s is for sale, BTW, saw it on Long & Foster’s www for $599K including all the equipment.

  • oliveskinnednica

    a laundromat….great….just what we need in the neighborhood…


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